The Best Choice for Martha´s Money Essay

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Money can pave the way for better life if we use them intelligently. This essay talks about Martha, the girl who lives in medium size city and middle class family. She has a dream which is to be a businesswoman, so she wants to study at the state university, but her job at fast food restaurant for three years didn't earn her a lot of money for school. Also her family can’t cover the costs. But before the end of her high school she got an inheritance from her aunt who was living in Texas which let her make different plans to spend the money, but her mother and father were thinking how she will spend the money without given her any advice until she asks for it. However the best way for her is to save the money or invest it somewhere rather…show more content…
Also if she can cover a year or a semester in the contract, she will not cover the rest. Therefore we can say this chose is possibly wrong. Thirdly, she has the option to stay home and go to school without working. Then she can focus with her classes especially English and Mathematics which are very important for her as business major, but at the house there will be kids playing and jumping around, so she will not have the quiet place to study. She will not have the privacy to keep her stuff. Also without work she will not have money to spend on herself, and how can she offer the school costing for the rest of the years? This option might be difficult for her study. Fourthly, she could travel to Hawaii and enjoy three weeks life. It is a great opportunity to enjoy the journey of a life time, and Hawaii is one of the best places to visit. But if we think about that, it is only three weeks. Then she will end up without money because to travel she needs a place to live in which cost a lot, and she needs a transport to get there, probably she will go by airplane which is expensive. Also there will be food and clothes to buy. So that is meaning no money, no car and also no money for school. On the other hand she can put off this idea to a different time when she graduates from school with more money, so this option is not the right one in this time. Finally, putting off the idea of going to school and saving the money or investing them are the best choice. So she
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