The Best Interventions For Young Adults Living With Autism

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This literature review provides information about the best interventions for young adults living with autism. The introduction highlights the importance of the topic and provides crucial information about the major constituents of the literature review. An analysis of four academic journals follows, and they emphasize the importance of loxapine as a fundamental drug in the treatment of autism. The literature review also focuses on showing the contribution of each article to the thesis of this review, the strengths and the weaknesses of the articles. The conclusion restates the main facts of the review and the common findings among the authors of the academic journals.
Autism is a developmental problem that affects a small percentage of the young population adult in the United States. Autism is associated with developmental problems that often result in young adults not being able to live their full lives and realize their full potential. Autism is a subject that has been discussed in several journals as professionals seek to find adequate solutions to help children living with autism. Health institutions across the country have taken a variety of steps to help children with autism live a normal life just as other ordinary children. The rapid advancements in technology in the twenty-first century have been pivotal in the general push to help young adults with autism, and the future holds a brighter future for them. The purpose of this literature review is to provide…
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