The Best Year Of My Life

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The year was 1852, the best year of my life, when I met her, but first let me start from the beginning. First of all I am Edwin, hi. At the time of 1852 I was twelve years old, living in Victorian England, with my family. My family consisted of my father, mother, and I. We were very poor and trying to survive, so my father worked in the coal mine, my mom worked in a factory, and I worked as a chimney sweeper. Since I was twelve it was my last year as a chimney sweeper, since I was outgrowing the chimneys. This was a good thing, but very bad at the same time. It was good because being a chimney sweeper was hard work, but it will be much harder to provide money for my family. Well, enough about me let’s get into the story. It all started on September 18, 1852. I said goodbye to my parents before I left for work. When I got to work I was assigned a chimney to sweep. When I got there I went right to work of cleaning out the soot and ashes from the chimney. While Carl was holding the rope as I was in the chimney his hands slip, at least that’s what he says. Carl never really liked me much, he has worked for the “Master Sweep” for fourteen years. He is just always in a bad mood around me. “Aaaahhh!” I exclaimed while falling down the seven foot chimney, landing on my knees with a loud “crash”. “Ouch, that hurt like being stung on the bottom by a bee,” I said to myself. “Oh my are you okay?” Asked a nice girl. “Ya I will live,” I replied. When I looked up I saw the most
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