The Bias of the Term Development

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The term “development” has been used by political, economic and international relations scholars to explain the relative economic statutes of various countries around the world. Numerous scholars have concerns about the potentially hegemonic nature of using the term “development”. Rhetorically, their concerns range from potential bias at the expense of indigenous methods to the continuation of western imperialist domination and exploitation of lands yet to be further explored. A few of the main concerns of these scholars is ethnic cleansing, resource extraction and false perceptions of the term.
Scholars fear that applying the term “developing” to smaller, weaker countries, they are gearing up to actually proceed to ethnically cleanse the region. The region then loses its identity and culture because of the influence of the overpowering nation. Although this may not be done on purpose, it is done to clear the lands of the locals that may give the developers opposition. This is seen all throughout our western history; especially when the English settlers came to the Americas and over powered the Indians. They were killed off, driven from their lands and made to starve. That culture loses its identity to the larger country and wipes out the smaller group. Sure it appears as though the new civilization preserves the old but it is to glorify the conquests of the new nation and to down play the other. This is a part of ethnic cleansing that shapes history to the side of the

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