The Bible Is No Different

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Wonders of the world often collaborate to create timeless pieces of art; the Bible is no different. The Documentary Hypothesis proposes this same ideology of the Bible. Past scholars have devoted countless years determining the origin or sacred text. This particular source critique aims to understand the theory of multiple authors and publications to comprise the Pentateuch, Torah, or Old Testament. In Recent Scholarship on the Pentateuch, some scholars struggle with the methodological question concerning whether the historical or literal analysis fits the criteria of relevant. This concern created a linking amongst secular discourse. Huddleston would argue that a review of recent literature on the Pentateuch reveals both the popularity of literary and rhetorical approaches and the refusal within scholarly circles to ignore deeply rooted questions of composition and historical context. I would add to that argument that the form is which the text or message is delivered and received is based on the context and scripture of the messenger. The socio–political subject matter and the empirical content have since proven to derive from various regions and periods of reconstruction. This essay is not to prove or refuse the notion of the Documentary Hypothesis but to determine the impact and influence historically. This particular hypothesis concludes that these sacred stories are falsified to attribute to a dominate culture or perhaps oral stories handed down and recorded at a…

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