The Big Dog Running Company Story Summary

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Summary In “The Big Dog Running Company Story,” we are provide an account of John and Reggie’s possibility of opening a new retail store in Columbus, Georgia. This store is to specialize in the running sport. John and Reggie, apart from being experienced entrepreneurs, are also running enthusiasts. Currently, they noticed a significant increase in running participation in the area which has a gap for a full service retailer that caters specifically to the running sport. In addition, they fell that due to economic recession and an increase in health consciousness, they would be able to draw people to such store. After all, running is an inexpensive sport (as opposed to say golf). Also, the Columbus Riverwalk is a popular site for both tourists and sports enthusiasts. The Riverwalk runs through the downtown area and provides a trail for biking, running, and walking, not to mention that the whitewater course is predicted to increase tourism and Fort Benning, home to large military training installations, would provide a constant influx of soldiers needing equipment. With all of this taken into consideration, John and Reggie decided that the downtown area would be most suitable for their target market. As for the name, they chose “Big Dog Running Company.” They thought it was appropriate considering that Americans love dogs considering that Americans spend about $61 billion annually on their pets. In addition, they believe the name was unique, memorable, and personal. The next

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