The Big Impact Of The Agriculture Revolution In Ancient Greece

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The agriculture revolution had a big impact. It is known for the technological advancement that took over during that time. It helped with the agriculture by creating equipment that was more efficient and convenient. It allowed the people to produce more and have more supply of food. WIth all of these improvements it lead to fewer works needed and having people focus on something else other than farm work. It changed the way of living, production, culture, government, and later on societies. To start off with, these advancements not only brought change to the farmers but also a change in the social aspect. The way of living was now transitioning and it was starting to become simpler. As it states ¨The increased efficiency of farming tools allowed for surplus amounts of food to be harvested and stored.¨ Having that surplus of food allowed for a larger population and not worry about a shortage of food. In Ancient Greece they adapted to the Nile river conditions and that allowed them to have more access to water. The flooding and the irrigation of the fertile valley allowed the crops to create a surplus production. This supported more people and allowed for a larger population. This shows how in Ancient Greece they focused on agriculture too and that was a big part for…show more content…
There were scientific methods used to get the the crop to grow better. Based on fact monster they state ¨The 18th and 19th centuries saw great changes across Europe and North America in the way people farmed. Scientific methods were used to improve crop yields and breed better livestock. MECHANIZATION made farming more efficient.¨ There was knowledge and methods made up and used during the agricultural revolution. In Greece they heavily are known for the scientists and new innovations made up to improve society. There is that pattern seen in where there are same aspects and ideas being transferred throughout time and
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