The Blind Industry : Mitchell Rainey

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The Blind Industry Mitchell Rainey River Ridge High School Abstract It seems as though the music industry has really taken a downfall over the course of history. There must be a reason to this. As it turns it out, it’s simply the fact that time has passed is the reason the music industry has declined over time. It seems sort of ironic. Technology and consumer taste changed too quickly for the industry to keep up. Every time something changed the industry would fall behind and lose overall profit because of it. Eventually technology improved to the point that almost anyone can access free music at any given time from any artist in history. It never pinpoints the best artists and music and has therefore turned into…show more content…
Throughout the history of our world, music has changed a lot. Music, for the most part has its history between the 1700s and today. That’s where the true expansion of music occurred. As with most of history, technology improved over the years. That happens to be why music became too available and created change in music taste. In the 1700s, during Mozart and Beethoven’s time, the only way to listen to music was through live performances or playing it from sheet music. The pros of the time wrote and performed the music and the amateurs learned how to play popular music from the pro’s sheet music If someone could only listen to music through performances, they would have limited opportunities to listen to music. Most people would only listen to the best music and only the best music would be written because of this. During the twentieth century the phonograph was invented and where the first record companies and labels emerged. The records for the phonograph could only hold 4.5 minutes or sound or music. Since records could only 4.5 minutes of music, one looking to buy a record would most likely only buy a record that had the very best music in their opinion. The record companies would only put what they considered to be the best music and artists on the records so they would actually sell. In the 1940s tape recording and the tape recorder was invented. This was the first time lesser known music was recorded and
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