The Bombing Of World Trade Center Essay

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In this world of today, we see a lot of blood shed in the name of God/Allah. For example, the bombing of world trade center in 1993, The 911 attack on the twin towers in New York city and the Pentagon in Washington D.C on September 11, 2001 where many people died, the killing of my own father by the so-called Muslim fighters in Somalia even though he himself was a Muslim scholar. All these terrifying inhuman and barbaric acts were done by people who identify themselves as Muslims (believers of merciful God). To explain this better, I will use two areas of knowledge and that is, Religion and Science. My ways of knowing are: Faith, reason and memory. Is Islam a violent religion? Why will Allah (Arabic word for God) Who is Loving, Merciful and Most Gracious instructs His worshipers to kill others? These terrorists who do such barbaric acts use verses from the Holly Quran (Holy Book or scripture of Muslims that lays down for us our social and moral behaviors). They take verses out of the context and employ weak or questionable hadith (sayings, actions and approval of the prophet peace be upon him) to terrorize people of other faiths and even Muslims. To understand this better, I will explore the historical revelation of the Holly Quran and some of the most misinterpreted verses used by the terrorists and the historical context of the verses.
The Quran was revealed to prophet Muhammad (Peace upon him) approximately 14 centuries ago. At the time of revelation, many

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