The Book Of Ivy By Amy Engel

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Many dystopian novels include the same characteristics, and often times, a similar plot line. The Book of Ivy, by Amy Engel, is no exception to this rule. Within this novel, the Ozarks, a beautiful scene of rolling hills and peaceful lakes in southwest Missouri, have been decimated by a nuclear war. Despite this destruction, two families, the Westfalls and the Lattimers, rose up to create a society of survivors. The next question included which family would have the governing right over this newly formed society. While the Westfalls wanted a democracy for the citizens, the Lattimers believed in a stricter form of government, including arranged marriages for the teenagers of the triumphant and defeated descendents. Occupants of the new commonwealth put in votes to determine the Lattimers would take the place as rightful governors. However, the Westfall family still had a mark on this new world, naming the commonwealth Westfall. Two generations later, Ivy Westfall, the granddaughter of the founding Westfall, and Bishop Lattimer, the grandson of the founding Lattimer and the son of the current President, are wed in an arranged marriage. After the wedding ceremony, a short conversation between Ivy and Bishop occurs. This conversation led Ivy to believe he was hostile, reckless, and an enemy, just as a typical teenage boy would be. However, as Ivy begins to fall in love with Bishop, she discovers a side of him that she never intended to. Not only does she discover Bishop is

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