The Book Thief, By Markus Zusak

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Heroes and heroines are individuals who defend the greater good and usually have experiences that give them personal traits. These traits make them behave certainly in a way that defines them as a hero. Markus Zusak’s book The Book Thief, Hans Hubermann is a hero by doing what he thinks is right. From the beginning to the end, Hans was a kind and empathetic person. Despite his many experiences of unfairness, he did not take a change for the worse. Hans defended what he believed was right by being a selfless individual who was willing to sacrifice to help those who were in need.
The trait that affects Hans the most is his motivation, or his backbone. Hans is largely controlled by his conscience of empathy. Everything he does is influenced by his compassion toward others. His backbone is portrayed as the first lines of the Blue Danube Waltz as a reminder of the Jewish man named Erik who saved his life. This event influenced Hans’s conscience and ethics. Because Erik was a Jew, Hans knows not to join the Nazi Party. Hans knows not to hurt others, but to aid. Sometimes, this impulse to assist causes him place his own life and his family in jeopardy.
Hans’s conscience and morals largely influence what he does with his hands. While others despised Jews, he stood up to help them. His hands are represented holding a paintbrush, a paint-can and a slightly painted Mein Kamph. This shows that he is correcting society’s mistakes and painting a layer of good on top. Hans holds on to the

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