The Book Thif Book Analysis

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Brian Percival's 2014 film adaptation of the novel, "The Book Thief" is set during World War II and focuses heavily on the Nazi Regime and the horrors surrounding the war. It also introduces the reader to a German perspective of the war. During World War II, the Nazi Party reigned terror over Germany and many people became victims of the cruelty of their circumstances. This is demonstrated implicitly throughout, the film of "The Book Thief", however, the fear of the war still surrounds the characters in the film. Despite being a film, that presents a German view on the war, the film clearly displays the sense of fright that would be observed by a Jew during the Holocaust. The fear can also be sensed after the innocent acts of the child characters in the film. Despite the film not explicitly displaying the terror caused by the Nazis in Germany, "The Book Thief" still demonstrated a sense of fright amongst the characters, that would realistically be present during World War II.

During World War II, the act of opposing the Nazi view could potentially result in death, however, not displaying the rituals and practices of supporting the Nazi party could also result in punishment. Consequently, the film also shows various instances where the act of not abiding by the laws or practices of the Nazis resulted in harsh punishment. The fear is clearly evident in the words of Rosa Hubermann as she gives great importance to the Nazi flag, stating "...if we don't find it, it will look

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