The Book in Search of April Raintree

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The book In Search of April Raintree, by Beatrice Culleton Mosionier, is about the trials and tribulations of two sisters growing up in the foster system. The author writes about these two young sisters and writes about the struggles in their lives. She talks about the social system, stereotypes, drug, alcohol abuse, and the girls on-going battle to fit in with society to become ‘normal’. April Raintree is a twenty-four-year old Métis woman, and she tells a story about herself and her younger sister Cheryl’s lives. As small children, April and Cheryl are taken away from their alcoholic parents and are put into different foster families, where they have different experiences. Cheryl is encouraged to be proud of her Native ancestry by…show more content…
April goes on to a community college to become a secretary, and then graduates. She finds employment at a law firm called Harbison and associates. April also searches for Mr. Wendell her old social worker, and to get information about her parents and get an address as to where they live. She ends up looking for them but hits a dead end when all she finds are old dirty run down houses and drunk people. At her place of employment she takes a liking to a man named Roger Maddison. He yells at her at one point, and it turns her off of him, and she ends up not liking him anymore. Later on she goes to meet Bob Radcliff who is white, and has money. Just what she always was dreaming of. Bob and April hit it off, and end up getting married. They move to Toronto to be with the rest of his family. Cheryl doesn’t approve of the way that she is living her life and thinks she is being a traitor to her heritage. During Christmas Cheryl visits April and Bob. This is when April tells Cheryl about searching for their parents, but didn’t have any luck. Cheryl asks about them and for the information so she can go look on her own. April is having relationship problems with Bob. One day she overhears Mrs. Radcliff talking about a family friend named Heather Langdon, who is an actress, and comes to find that her and Bob had an affair. She decides what is best for her, and she asks Bob for a divorce and moves out. April has not had much contact with Cheryl
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