The Boundaries Law And The Administrative Law

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In the boundary surveying, the most important part is to learn and know about the laws of boundary. The chapter 4 is about the boundaries law and presumptions, and mentioned five basic laws, which are Constitution law, statute law, common law, case law, and the administrative law. The chapter includes six principles which illustrate these laws and presumptions. Constitutional law of The United States controlled law of the lands, and whether you’re a citizen or non-citizen, your property will be controlled by this law which cause few problems for a surveyor while surveying. The further information on this law, described the license of surveyor and about the amendments to rules. The rights and powers given by the court in the case are Jurisdiction, which is important in every kind of judicial action under the court authority by the attorney and in certain areas within the states. The Federal Jurisdiction is similar to Jurisdiction but the use for private lands, in which they have given the examples of few states and some people but hide their names, where the diversity of the federal court is shown. After going through all the process of administration and by completing the legal action, a client of surveyor can take an action against the federal agencies. In the Sovereign Immunity, Congress considered as a king because, they have authority to help the people to sue any federal employees, who are taking the wrong action against them. If a person having a title or any other
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