The Brain And Its Effects On Patients

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Every year around over six hundred thousand patients in the US go through chemo. Chemotherapy is a procedure that destroys cancer cells in patients who are suffering with cancer.Usually, when one thinks about a patient going through chemo their first thoughts might be “bald, pale or sickly” never does the term “chemo brain” come up through a typical conversation.
Chemo brain can be described as a ‘mental fog’. Generally, patients who suffer with chemo brain have a hard time performing cognitive task as well as they use to; such as, memorizing information, bad multitasking, having a hard time paying attention and finally poor time management. Around 17% of chemotherapy patients will develop chemo brain throughout their therapy and 50% will report having cognitive issues after their therapy is over with.

One must ask themselves, “why would such a high percent of people suffer through cognitive performance issues after chemotherapy? Isn’t chemotherapy about removing cancer cells? What impact could it lead to the brain?” Well, chemotherapy is certainly true when it comes to preventing cells from spreading. However, chemotherapy can affect myelination. Meylin is supported through neurons which have an impact on cognitive performance. When demyelination occurs (a lack of meylin) a individual 's ability to perform will become shortened. Which could be potential reason to why chemotherapy affects one’s cognitive processing.
Another reason to why chemotherapy could affect

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