The Brain As A Static Organ After People Entered Adulthood

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In the last centuries, researchers have found evidence that the brain became a static organ after people entered adulthood. However, Norman Doidge, a Canadian born psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, believed otherwise. In his book The Brain That Changes Itself, he supports his arguments that a person’s brain can change regardless of their age and the ideas of neuroplasticity by accounting the many amazing stories and stories that demonstrate how versatile and adaptive the human brain can be. In his stories, people in desperate situations and with severe mental disabilities and illnesses overcome their problems with the help of neuroplasticity insight and their strong wills. This motivated me to change a negative aspect in my life that I have…show more content…
As stated in the lecture, my behavior demonstrates the concept of the pros of procrastination: to delay hard work by choosing the short term benefit of early stress relief. It was also during this time that I got access to the many technologies that exist in my life, such as my laptop, cellphone, and IPod. In hindsight, I feel that the combination of my response to delay stressful work and my access to these technologies that provide entertainment have resulted in this bad habit of procrastination and distraction. The cons of procrastination and its long term effects outweigh if not completely negate its pros, or short term benefits. In the long run, it has caused me significantly more stress, as my work piled up and the deadline approached. The early gains in entertainment I received by procrastination were completely offset by the stress I got to finish my work before the due date. It has become a habit for me that I procrastinate from doing my work until the latest possible time, usually a day before the deadline. This is reminiscent of the deadline procrastination pattern category mentioned in the lecture. I realise that my habit of procrastination and distraction will go away on its own unless I deliberately try to change it and exercise my willpower. I also realize that as my life progresses, the tasks that I
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