The Breakfast Club Essay

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The Breakfast Club, directed by John Hughes, is a movie that has become a classic for many generations. It is about five high school students, all from different cliques, that come together during detention and discover that they all share common problems they would have never imagined. Each student did something completely different yet they all broke the rules and ended up meeting. Those few hours in that room opened not only their eyes, but also the viewers’ eyes on how wrong we can be during those years of our lives. This movie has impacted so many generations because it is true to what the high school experience really is and how judgmental teens can be without really knowing each other.

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They finally start talking and ask one another why they are there and the reasons that led them to those actions. The truth finally comes out. Brian brought a gun to school because he wanted to shoot himself. The reason was that he was failing wood shop and that would ruin his straight A’s preventing him from being on honor roll. Claire skipped school because she spent the day shopping. Andrew beat up a nerd in the gym locker room because he thought that would make him look tough, but most importantly because he knew his dad would be proud. Bender had done the usual and was selling marijuana and being a misfit. He was a regular at detention. On the other hand, Allison just showed up to Saturday detention because she had nothing better to do. All of them had problems, but what they also found out was that they all hated their home life and did not get along with their parents. They realized that they all had their own demons. All four of them came to the realization that no matter what anyone appears to be, everyone has problems and issues they are dealing with. It is cliché, but very true when they say never judge a book by its cover. Everyone has is pretty bizarre, some people are just better at hiding

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