The Brotherhood : The Aryan Brotherhood Essay

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One of the most infamous prison gangs is the Aryan Brotherhood. Few details about their earliest days are known, but they quickly became known and feared by the 1970s. They are ruthless, dangerous, and brutal. Founded during the civil rights movement, white supremacist inmates at the San Quentin prison created a gang of their own for protection. Over time, as their power grew, so did their criminal activity. Also known as The Brand, they are among six major prison gangs that are recognized nationally for their participation in organized crime and violence. Like African American and Latino groups, the Aryan Brotherhood is linked to street crime and has drawn the attention of federal prosecutors. As law enforcement continues to take down leaders of the gang across the country, the Aryan Brotherhood will continue committing crimes, in and out of prison.

Among several of the most dangerous prison gangs, one in particular stands out compared to the rest; the Aryan Brotherhood. The Aryan Brotherhood may not be as well known as other prison gangs, such as the Black Guerrilla Family, the Mexican Mafia, or La Nuestra Familia, but their brutal, ruthless, and vicious acts and beliefs have made them one of the most feared. Also known as The Brand, this group of criminals has developed from a courtyard prison gang to an international criminal organization, which quickly put them on the FBI’s radar. The 1960’s Civil Rights Movement left an impact and changes in every aspect

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