The Buddha And Its Effect On Life

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Dukkha is a Pali word, which in basic or ordinary terms may be translated to meaning suffering, dissatisfaction, pain, sorrow or misery. However, as the first of the four noble truths, which symbolizes the Buddha’s take on life, it has additional deeper, philosophical meanings such as: imperfection, impermanence, emptiness, and insubstantiality (What the Buddha taught, 17).
Since Buddhism represents a more realistic and objective take on life, the term suffering, does not necessarily indicate a pessimistic or depressing view of life. Rather, the Buddha is teaching that in life, at one point or the other, we are bound to experience suffering or dissatisfaction, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. The Buddha does not deny that
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This thirst is surrounded with passionate greed (nandiragasahagata), which comes in three forms: namely: thirst for sense-pleasures (kama-tanha), which is a craving for things or objects that provide us with pleasant feelings, thirst for existence and becoming (bhaa-tanha), which is a craving to be someone or something with a purpose or meaning that actually has an impact on others, a craving to achieve ones goals, and lastly, thirst for non-existence (self-annihilation, vibhavatanha), which is a craving to be detached or separated from things that cause pain or suffering (What the Buddha taught, 29).
The origin of Dukkha also comprises of other forms of cravings. This thirst is not only limited to desiring or attaching ourselves to worldly things such as riches and fame but also desiring and attaching ourselves to notions, philosophies, views, sentiments, concepts, and beliefs (dhamma-tanha) (What the Buddha taught, 29).
According to the Buddha, all the bad and unjust issues going on in the world at large, ranging from family matters to huge wars, which destroy countries, is as a result of greed and selfish thirst. This claim is very true especially in our world today. For example, the Second World War began because of Adolf Hitler’s greed. Also, we see many families, especially in the western parts of Africa divided as a result of land issues. Each family member wants the bigger portion
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