The Business Implications of Social Media Marketing

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The Business Implications of Social Media Marketing In today’s competitive arena, marketing is the essential aspect for every organisation to identify, anticipate and satisfy customer requirements profitably as well as to achieve organisational objectives. Different companies are adopting different types of marketing strategies according to the type & size of the organisation, their products and services and existing competition in the market place. There are mainly two types of marketing strategies that are used by the different organisations. • Outbound Marketing: Outbound marketing includes insides sales, telemarketing, trade shows, seminars, print advertisement, direct mail/e-mail, etc. With Outbound marketing the marketers try…show more content…
On the following different ways, the social media marketing can help the business organisation to grow. ➢ Using podcasts, blogs, references, online audios and videos, messages boards, posts and comments on social networking sites the specific companies can reach to the mass target audience ➢ Taking an advantage of social media marketing, companies or business individuals simply forms an advertisement that reaches out to the wider target audiences in quick, attract more customers and enhance customer retention at convenient and inexpensive method ➢ Small-medium enterprises can afford to promote their products and services on the internet with less capital investment ➢ Social media marketing plays a role of direct marketing and creates a business too ➢ It allows people to participate and contribute each other in interactive communities, though company can increase its chance to attracting more clients to come into company’s site and to take a look at what the company is offering ➢ It helps the company to get best research engine ranking ➢ Social media marketing is direct, open and transparent, so more number of people view the brand of the company; enhance brand image of the company in the market ➢ It helps company to establish strong relationship with targeted clients ➢ Social media marketing helps marketers to know about
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