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Lecturer: Dr. Janine Bayer
Date: May 7, 2015
Course: Acct 5040 - The Business of Reading and Writing
Master the 2E’s of involvement
Although the chapters in the book “Leadership Today” tend to follow in a logical sequence, the basic themes like enabling people to contribute more to the organization, energizing people to take lead and grow can be found in variation throughout the book. Why inviting people to be involved in the organization? Why mastering the 2E’s of involvement and integrating the 2E’s in the organization? Those questions capture the essence of this chapter. The responses have been tailored on grounds that when people are given choice and chance, they do the right thing, contribute and make a …show more content…

However, enabling people allows leaders to make sure that they know how the resources available to the teams are efficiently, effectively and economically used and lead to success while energizing people helps leaders to lead with commitment, compassion and encouragement. For all the rest, being enabled make them self-satisfied in knowing that they make the utmost effort to become the best they are capable of becoming while being energized, they get excited and committed to the businesses’ mission, vision and values.
Why inviting people to be involved in the organization?
Maximization of profit or integration of stakeholders? Those myths have been conflicting for a while. In their book “Conscious Capitalism”, without contrasting that the conscious businesses need to deliver strong financial results over the long term, Mackey and Sisodia strive to explain that creating value for all stakeholders is intrinsic to the success for conscious businesses. They develop a different narrative than the one that sees business through the lens of profit maximization (Mackey and Sisodia 20). They give an impressing example of Bill Gates who did start its business with the goal of transforming the people’s lives instead of becoming the richest man in the world. They add that taking profit maximization as the sole purpose of business has done

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