The Canadian Corps and CEF

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The Confederation took place in 1867, and the Canadian Expeditionary Force(CEF) was raised in 1914. The CEF is what protects what the Confederation created, and would not the nation’s greatest achievement be protecting that which the nation created. “Canada did not enter the war of its own accord but was automatically at war when Britain declared war against Germany.” Canada entered the war to stand by its mother country, to protect the country who founded it. The Canadian Corps and CEF were created to defend Canada, and fought not only in the war but for the recognition that Canada deserved, to then show that in the Great War we achieved something great, and finally to piece together to how Canada is now, to build through the years and show that this was truly Canada’s greatest achievement.

The Canadian Corps and CEF were formed to protect Canada in times of war. The Canadian Corps was formed as an operational force in France and Flander’s Field in 1914. Collectively every troop that were deployed were referred to as the Canadian Corps. The Canadian Corps was sent out in 3 divisions, the first sent to England in 1914 and trained on the Salisbury Plain and then crossed over to France to join the war. The second division was formed in 1915 and immediately sent over to France. The third was a fully manned and equipped combat division disbanded at the end of the First World War. These divisions were each sent out as a small operational force that defended Canada. However

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