The Career I Chose to Be My Life

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The Career I chose to be my Life
Alejandro Fleitas Rivera
ITT Technical Institute

I am pursuing a career the Network System Administration field. I believe my life somehow guided me to this career because I always had a winning hand when it came to computers, I never attended a school to pursue my dream of being a computer technician while in Cuba because it takes a lot of money just to study the career is not guaranteed that upon graduation you u will find a decent job doing what you studied so that you can provide for a family.
The career I chose for is Network System Administration, I chose this career because of my love for computers ever since I was a little kid and what better way to have a better life and future that …show more content…

We also have to make updates to all the software and equipment so they are up to date and run more efficiently. In some cases some of us manage telecommunications networks so employees can work from home or on the road, which is becoming more and more important as new technologies allow employees to connect outside the office.
This is the career I chose to be my life I hope at least a few people out there in the big world have the same determination that I do when it comes to school and fighting for a better future. This is my way of encouraging people to fight for their dreams because like I said before if you do not fight for your dreams you are going to end up working for someone who did.

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