The Case Of American Express V Square Inc

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Question No 2 In the case of American Express v Square Inc, the issue is whether American Express committed any wrongdoing in their business deal with Visa. Jack Dorsey of Square Inc. is filing claims of Tortious Interference with his Contract as well as Tortious Interference with a Prospective Advantage and Defamation. Under Tortious-Contract, which is an intentional tort in which the defendant improperly induced a third party to breach a contract with the plaintiff, the plaintiff must establish four elements to make a case. They are: Establish that there was a contract between the plaintiff and a third party; the defendant knew of the contract; the defendant improperly induced the third party to breach the contract or made performance of the contract impossible; and there was injury to the plaintiff. Under Tortious-Advantage, A plaintiff who has definite and reasonable expectation of obtaining an economic advantage may sue a corporation that maliciously interferes and prevents the relationship from developing. Under Defamation, a plaintiff must prove four elements which are: There was a factual statement that was made that is likely to harm another person’s reputation; The statement must be false; The statement must be communicated to at least one person other than the plaintiff; and the plaintiff must show some injury. Square Inc is also eligible to receive Compensatory and Punitive Damages due to the scale of the Tort. A contract existed between Square Inc and Visa,

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