The Case Of Artemis Images

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Overview In order to significantly increase the chance of success for any new business venture, a well-established and knowledgeable team must formed. Ideally, individuals in this team can complement one another and more specifically, along with possessing core business competencies, must possess the technological, sales/marketing and financial capabilities. In the case of Artemis Images, although Christine possesses the sales and marketing competencies due to her previous work experience, the overall business is limited in terms of business experience and knowledge, finances and technical capabilities required to succeed in this technologically demanding industry. Advice and Recommendation First and foremost, a company cannot sell a product/service if it does not work. More specifically, although the team appears to possess the technological capabilities required to develop a content management service, the current underlying technological issue is the development of the website itself. Thus, the first course of action is to immediately address the website and have it up and running as soon as possible. Obviously, this task is difficult to address due to the current financial state of the business. Furthermore, due to the proven unreliability of the current web development company, it is suggested that Christine immediately seek proven web development services elsewhere. In order to attain the funds required, Christine could re-approach the initial investor who withdrew

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