The Case Of James Richardson

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Many people are enraged with the U.S. court system and feel that it does its job based on prejudice, unfair, and despicable standards in which it’s not held accountable for. This inserts a fear of the justice system within the people themselves with the resulting lack of trust created. There are countless cases of injustice that have made their way through the U.S. Court System such as the case of James Richardson was spent 21 years in jail for being accused for the poisoning and deaths of his 7 kids only to be let out later on after the real criminal had confessed to the crimes. Another crime that can be put on display is the case of James Bain who spent 35 years in prison (which is the longest time served by anyone who has been wrongfully convicted) for being wrongfully accused of multiple crimes including rape and was sent to prison for life only to finally be granted the use of DNA evidence review for his case which eventually was the deciding factor that gave him his freedom back. The case of Daryl Burton sickens many people to the core after he served 24 years in prison after being charged with murder. It was later found out that the police who were on Burton’s case pushed the “witnesses” to go against Burton and accuse him of the false crime. There are countless examples that can be used to show the devastating mistakes the court system has made over the years and the seemingly lack of effort to not only get it right the first time but to consider the importance of…

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