The Case Of Sexual Harassment Essay

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Introduction A registered nurse is facing allegations of sexual harassment reports CBC News. The story can be viewed on CBC website ( Sexual harassment is always an ongoing battle for individuals, and this new case may help those who are unaware of their right stand up and fight back. The of the co-workers (Jane Does) v. Marlon Gonzales presents the opportunity to interpret the legal processes necessary in determining a decision for sexual harassment in Saskatchewan. The article also present the opportunity to discuss the scope of Registered Nurses Discipline Committee 's ability in correctly passing punishment to those who violate the bylaws and codes established in the enabling legislation, the Registered Nurses Act, 1988. By analyzing the facts, complaints, and the past decisions of the Queen’s court a proper result can be assessed regarding the violations of Marlon Gonzales. Legal parties Complainant: Jane Doe, vs. Respondent: Marlon Tabo Gonzales Facts Marlon Tabo Gonzales is facing allegations of sexual assault. The alleged, Marlon Gonzales, has already been removed from his previous position as a registered nurse at the Balcarres Integrated Care Centre on December 15, 2015 by the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (Notice of Hearing of Complaint, 2016). His current place of employment is now at a smaller care facility located in the northern health region of Keewatin Yatthe. The

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