The Case Of Xyz Electronics Company

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In this business report, I am interested in analyzing the innovation & change management in the global organizational world. Firms respond differently to outside actions & change. Some are looking for opportunities for growth while others still waiting to be changed forcedly. Some run out of performance, competition & customers, while others develop and move forward in the face of change and win over the competition. It is often said that ‘if you don’t think about the future, you won’t have one!’
I decided to focus on the case of XYZ Electronics Company to help us answer these questions especially it was a good experience for such an international big company what they had been through in terms of change & revolution.
Expectations towards the report
The purpose of this report is to understand what a big successful firm should apply and do in a well fast developed world to facelift and revamp itself over time and to overcome any situation. Strategic planning, innovation & managing change are the keys most of the companies in the commercial world embrace. It is a powerful technique, and one of the most important factors to design & paint a successful future path to all firms.
XYZ had followed a thorough analysis of three competitive advantages strategies where their forces was on the internal managerial process, the overall company goal and culture and finally the operational factor whereas all their outcomes emphasized at that level.
The Organization & Content
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