The Cause Of Divorce

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Cause and Effect Rough Draft Why do people get divorced? This is an important question to ponder because, every marriage is supposed to last until, “death do us part.” Unfortunately, that is not always the case. In today’s society, 40-50 percent of marriages end in divorce. It is crazy to think that close to half of marriages end in divorce. While this statistic is mind-boggling, it is also important to consider the many reasons for divorce including money, fighting, and a lack of love but, regardless of the cause, the psychological effects are far reaching. Money can be a cause for divorce. Sometimes it makes more economical sense for two people to stay together, while other times it is far more practical for a couple to split. In Albert Bozzo’s How Does Money Affect Marriage and Divorce, he states “Research since the post-war era has shown an increase in the divorce rate since women joined the workforce. The theory is that two spouses in the workforce bring home more stress, which can increase the likelihood of divorce.” Due to women’s advancement in societal roles and their growing independence, divorce has become more and more common. Women no longer need men for financial support, so they are less likely to remain in a relationship with a man if all he has to offer is financial assistance. One of the most common causes of divorce is fighting. In a marriage there are many reasons to fight, but not all lead to divorce. There will always be minor arguments,

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