The Causes And Effects Of Air Pollution

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Scientists now suspect that a significant cause of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s could be the air we breathe. We have to get out of here, the air people breath is not cleaner, and we can see that at the sunset when the sky looks brown and all the health problems people have become a harsh consequence of industrial growth across the world. As defined by Chris Woodford, air pollution is a gas released in a big enough quantity that harms the health of people or other animals, kill plants or stop them growing correctly, and damage or disrupt different aspects of the environment. There are many effects of air pollution, and also there are many things that cause it, for example excessive use of chemicals and cars. People cannot live without fresh air, there is nothing better than breath clean air after a long day of work, but nowadays it is scarce the place where the air smells fresh. Air pollution is affecting all humans, and we cannot close our eyes to the problems because the sense that detects this issue is our smell. Unfortunately, people are not doing something to decrease the air pollution, on the contrary, almost everything people do diary affects the air quality, as Woodford explains in his article, “…burning things, using household or industrial chemicals, or producing large amounts of dust has the potential to cause air pollution.” People have to be aware of air pollution, its causes and effects, it is caused by overpopulation and can lead to health problems, but

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