The Causes And Treatment Of Dialysis

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Being one of the eight leading causes of death in the United States, kidney disease is very life threatening. Many people carry on day-to-day routines with no knowledge of the signs to be aware of when developing kidney failure. The two main causes of kidney failure are high blood pressure and diabetes. For people with kidney failure, options for treatment become dialysis or to receive a kidney transplant. Since the process for a kidney transplant could take years, many people choose to receive dialysis treatment. The process of dialysis serves as a substitute for the kidneys and clinically flushes the blood of any impurities.

The process of dialysis evolved in the twentieth century. After watching a man die due to kidney failure, Dr. Willem Kolff (father of dialysis) discovered the first artificial kidney. In 1943, Dr. Kolff’s mission to invent the first artificial kidney was a success. During the era, of World War II, the artificial dialyzers helped save many soldier’s lives. Because of this great invention, many kidney patients were able to live longer which gave them a greater chance of survival. Because dialysis changed the life expectancy of the patients, many were able to receive transplants. The first kidney transplant was performed in the early 1950’s. Since this invention was created, many technological improvements have come along which is making it possible for the people effected by kidney disease to live long, meaningful lives.

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