The Causes Of Climate Change

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Recently is has been discovered that there isn’t any snowfall so far this 2017 winter in the United States. Climate change and global warming is very real, usually by December, the East Coast is covered in snow. The world is expected to get even warmer, it is expected to gain 2.2 degrees by 2030 if the world’s careless actions continue to occur. Climate change is caused by chemical reactions taken place by the usage of fossil fuels. The world should change its actions to stop climate change by innovating a new form of transportation, and the usage of less or close to zero of coal and oil. Climate change is a very important topic to know about because it is the occurring in the world. The UN stated a goal, “With the historic agreement in Paris last month, the world has committed to striving toward a future where the global temperature rises no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius (Para. 1).” Climate change is causing the increase in temperature, which is effecting the wildlife and encouraging more natural disasters to occur. Climate Action (partnered with the UN) states that Central America contains 8% of the worlds biological diversity; “Central America is exposed to a wide range of high-impact weather events such as hurricanes, tropical storms and drought (Para. 2).” With warmer temperatures from climate change, more natural disasters will occur, like stated before. The cause of climate change is the release of gas emissions into the atmosphere, specifically, carbon. Carbon is

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