The Causes Of Dog Meat Eating

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On the other hand, in China, dog meat eating has been a habit for 400 years now. Also, there are traces to dog meat eating to 1700 B.C. People grew up to dog meat eating as a normal thing; therefore, Yulin residents perceive the festival differently.
Although some people say the festival is not a tradition or a cultural festival, but that is not true because since B.C dog meat eating has been something known and common in the north and then it immigrated and moved to the south, and dogs were raised in households for either one of the three reasons; a watch dog, a friendly pet, or to be butchered and eaten. However, with the development of Buddhism, it had prevented the slaughter of animals in general and dogs in specific because of its loyalty and love to human beings. People started celebrating the festival starting 2009; although dog meat eating has been going around in China for centuries. Chinese people believe that dog meat eating hydrates the body and helps it tolerate the high temperature in hot summer days, and that explains the timing of the festival; where it takes place from the 21st to the 30th of June, marking the hottest days of summer in China.

Concerning animal welfare, China and the Chinese people completely disagree with the way the animals are treated. Animals are treated in an inhumane way, where they’re butchered, and boiled alive. Also, some of the animals eaten are pets stolen from their owners.
Festival makers do not follow a proper hygiene plan

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