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  • The Causes Of Dog Meat Eating

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    other hand, in China, dog meat eating has been a habit for 400 years now. Also, there are traces to dog meat eating to 1700 B.C. People grew up to dog meat eating as a normal thing; therefore, Yulin residents perceive the festival differently. Although some people say the festival is not a tradition or a cultural festival, but that is not true because since B.C dog meat eating has been something known and common in the north and then it immigrated and moved to the south, and dogs were raised in households

  • Argument Of Eating Dog Meat

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    Have you ever eaten dog meat? Every year in the summer, there is a hot potato that heat up the Internet, it is ‘dog meat’. There are rival opinions on this issue. Some people appeal for ban of eating dog meat , worrying about slaughtering process and poor environment for the dog. But, others say it is hypocrisy and speciesism that ban only for eating dog, while eating other kinds of animals. And the others say it should be legalized to eat the dog meat. The opinion and the reason why people agree

  • The Dangers Of Hot Dogs And Processed Meats

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    Hot dogs, bacon, chicken nuggets,... are not they sound good? But everything has its bad side, and do you know behind that crispy and yummy tastes is a silent threat of illness? Mr.Kelly Gallagher wrote an article entitled “Hot dog, bacon and other processed meats increase risk of cancer, scientists say.” And after reading it I feel very concerned. What the fourth paragraph had stated makes me even feel worse, “The experts defined processed meats as those that have been salted, cured, smoked or otherwise

  • Dog Meat Trade Analysis

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    will be able to donate a few supplies to help build a home for these 200 dogs.” But something doesn't feel right about this and Wildlife Planet has a few questions, which we do hope to find answers to. How can a Chinese Wang Yan NOT know about the dog meat trade? It would be like NOT knowing McDonald's hamburgers are made from cows. The Dog meat trade is not some secret society, for God's sake every restaurant has dog meat on the menu and until recently, as we do in America you could call up for

  • Yulun The Dog Meat Eating Tradition Analysis

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    provoked dog-meat eating people used the "It's tradition" to defend their barbaric eating habits and to excuse the torture and killing of millions of stolen pets each year. It is assumed by lazy journalist covering this story and festivals like the one in Yulin, where upwards of 10 to 15,000 dogs and cats are slaughtered each year, that this "Ancient Chinese tradition" excuse is a fact. Doing a little research will show them that this "Tradition" excuse is an absolute lie. In Yulin the Dog meat

  • Yulin And The Dog Meat Trade Summary

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    Anyone believing protest against Yulin and the Dog meat trade has some sort of reverse psychology effect and is making the dog meat eating population grow is a mindless idiot who hasn't got a clue as to what they are talking about. There are a few idiot writers among us who try to push this notion that protesting Yulin, south Korea or pressuring China to end the dog meat trade is wrong and we should back off. These writers are either being paid by someone or just have nothing to write about so

  • Yulin Dog Meat Festival Analysis

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    • Hope Cresione wanted to know what BF is doing about the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. She also wanted to know more about what she can do to help stop her community from implementing a dog breed band. I explained the focus of our work here in the U.S. I also sent her the Pit Bull Initiative resources and asked her to join the take action alert. • Paige Dawson is upset because she said she has had a hard time getting a response from the New York office. She was also upset because she could not figure

  • How To Make A Dog Meat Festival Persuasive Essay

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    beneath all the busy streets and unique architecture is a gruesome yet tragically real festival. Every year, during the days of June 21st through the 30th the city hosts the “Dog Meat Festival”. This festival has been around for nearly 400 years. The reason; folk medicine. Chinese practitioners believed that if you consumed dog meat that it would, “ward off the heat felt during the summer months”. This mindset has never

  • Essay about Korean Dog Eating Tradition

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    Korean Dog Eating Tradition The Korean practice of eating dog meat has always been considered a peculiar tradition by foreigners. In recent years, this tradition has come under increasing pressure from animal rights activists, including Bridget Bardot, who wish to see the practice outlawed altogether by the South Korean government. This controversy came to a head in 2002, when activists convinced FIFA to put pressure on South Korea, the co-host of the World Cup, to ban dog meat. William Saletan

  • The Pros And Cons Of Boknal Day

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    farmers are brutally murdering dogs and cats for cheap meat. The animals are held in tight, small cages made of chicken wire or thin metal. The cages are suspended a little bit above the ground and are not weather acclimated. Due to the small wire and tight spaces, their paws can become damaged. It also is difficult for them to stand or move around in these small cages for long periods of time because they are packed so tightly in them. Little puppies or small dogs often get their paws stuck and