The Causes Of Procrastination In High School

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Throughout my high school writing career, I always procrastinated on reading and writing assignments. I would start my essays an hour before they were due and somehow, I found ways to finish. Consequently, I received poor grades on the majority of my writing assessments, due to my procrastination problem. Procrastination was the cause of my poor writing skills and habits. I still believe there are ways to avoid procrastination but the determination to execute a specific plan is a necessity.

One particular writing project which caused a great deal of stress on me during high school was my senior project. The senior project was consisted of a fifteen-page research paper, ten-minute oral presentation, and a service action that supports your research topic. I feared this project since my freshman year because of the length of it; however, the service action and presentation portion of the project did not scare me at all because I am outgoing and I’m not afraid to talk in front of a large group of people.

Procrastination has always been a severe problem for me and that is why I was concerned about the research paper. When the first day of class came, I was already starting to stress out about the paper because my teacher gave us one week to form our project topic. This was frightening to me because I had one week to decide what I wanted to research for the whole year. I wanted to choose something I was passionate for so I decided to choose the topic “How Sports

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