The Causes Of Suicide By Suicide In College Students

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Regarding public health, suicide has and continues to be a major issue, accounting for 40,000 deaths per year within the general population of the United States alone (cite). While the devastating effects of suicide impacts the entire population, what is even more alarming is the epidemic of death by suicide within the college student population, with this age cohort at a dramatically higher risk for suicide when compared to the public. Therefore, it is unfortunately not surprising that death by suicide is noted as the second leading cause of death for the college student demographic, yielding approximately 1,100 deaths each year (cite). Similarly to the general population, there are at-risk groups within the college community that place individuals at a higher risk of suicidal behaviors such as ideation and attempts (cite). Some of these at-risk groups include LGBT, first generation, and international students (cite). Additionally, there are environmental factors that college students will experience through this transitional period that will also contribute to this demographic being at a higher risk of suicide.
Being a young adult presents many challenges, none more than this adjustment to college life as a young adult. At this stage in their life, not only are students simultaneously trying to figure out who they are, but they are also experiencing things for the first time while they begin to attune to their new surroundings. While this newfound freedom facilitates
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