The Causes Of The Boston Massacre

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The first English colony in North America was founded at Jamestown, Virginia, in 160, with dreams of wealth and social prominence. Throughout the centuries, British colonists in North America took immense pride in the British Empire and the colonial upper class was even known to spend large amounts trying to emulate upper class English fashion and lifestyle. The colonies and its motherland shared this strong relationship until the 1760’s and the Seven Year war which was followed by years of civil unrest. One such example of unrest was the Boston massacre, which many view as the beginning of the end of British-colonial relations. The question is were the colonists killed “victims to the murderous rage of Wicked men” thus making the title …show more content…

Much of Anger throughout North America came from those who were at best minimally impacted by the taxes, in fact most of the angry citizens in Boston worked part-time jobs or were even unemployed. The sugar tax as well as the Stamp act, which put taxes on commercial and legal paper, hardly an important commodity of the lower or middle class, would not have affected them in proportion to their anger. Those that would benefit from the anger and opposition of these groups are the ones that the tax effects the most in the colonies, the upper class as well as those “Representatives from across North America [who] began to gather together in inter-colonial meetings, seeing for the first time their shared interests.” This “shared interest” was no doubt in increasing their hurt revenues through opposition to British rule. This was done by making the colonists place all their misfortunes and anger upon England until “demonstrations and riots were almost regular features of the colonists’ lives” (background, 82). Demonstrations done with “restrained, ritualized, often theatrical violence” and “carefully calibrated conduct” proved to be tactical moves crucial to

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