The Challenges of College Education Essay

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Many college scholars have attended school prior to college for twelve of more years of their life. During the first twelve years the students undergo many obstacles some of which are trivial and some are more difficult. Even though all have experienced more than a decade of schooling, many students are still not prepared for the demands of college level education. Even though previous education is supposed to prepare students for college, college education is much more difficult because it demands extra time and effort from students and provides less guidance from instructors. The higher standard and quality of education, first, demands greater time and effort from students. In preschool, elementary, middle and even high school, …show more content…
The required agenda involves teaching only basics of the subjects. However, at a collegiate standard, all students are adults meaning they are accountable for the outcomes of their education. The assignments and the required efforts to study are the sole responsibility of the students to complete on their own. In college, less time is allotted in class; therefore, students must take personal time to dedicate to their education. The courses are oriented at a faster pace and the quantity and quality of education is increased over the shorter period of time. More topics are covered with more detailed intensity. Extra energy must be exerted from the students to completely master and understand the subjects. Compiling onto the extra workload, the students also receive minimal guidance from the instructors. Less guidance is given to the individual students and larger class size is another great challenge college education endows. Lower-level education has a smaller student to teacher ratio. The students are given more individual counseling because no class exceeds twenty-five or thirty students. In contrary, at most universities, classes can exceed two hundred students. Given the designated time to cover the topics, there is not enough time to cover the subject material thoroughly and also provide the individual assistance necessary for some students to completely comprehend. Furthermore, unlike teachers of intermediate education, college professors many times do not
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