The Challenges of Creating and Implementing Crime Policy in Canada

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Social policies are constructed to guide society. These policies are influenced by the collective morals and values of the people living in a society. Social policies in Canada are founded on the best interest of Canadians. Most importantly, social policies address issues by creating and implementing the appropriate solutions. Politicians have the prime role in creating policies and ensuring that these policies provide an answer to key issues in society. However, along the way these policymakers face many challenges and difficulties in forming and implementing the appropriate social policies.
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Academic criminologists view irrational or repetitive criminal acts by individuals as underlying social problems that cannot be solved with harsher prison sentences, but rather by proper correctional intervention programs (Garland & Sparks, 2000). Thus, to create effective crime policies the necessary criminological expertise, and comprehension from academic criminologist is needed when policymakers are forming and implementing crime policies. Academic criminologist will shift the focus from increasing the prisons sentences of offenders to implementing academic criminological solutions for crime policies. This collaboration will establish inclusive and knowledgeable crime policies by using academic theories that address deterrence and recidivism. Approaches should be made to strengthen the relationship between criminologist and the political crime policymakers. The barrier between criminology and social policy should be broken, and the integration of criminological knowledge should be applied to policies. An experienced criminologist should be the head of the commission of inquiry for preexisting crime policies and make the necessary recommendations based on academic research. A partnership between the Canadian correctional agency and academic criminologist should be established and there needs to be more funding for correctional intervention

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