The Challenges of Creating and Implementing Crime Policy in Canada

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Social policies are constructed to guide society. These policies are influenced by the collective morals and values of the people living in a society. Social policies in Canada are founded on the best interest of Canadians. Most importantly, social policies address issues by creating and implementing the appropriate solutions. Politicians have the prime role in creating policies and ensuring that these policies provide an answer to key issues in society. However, along the way these policymakers face many challenges and difficulties in forming and implementing the appropriate social policies.
This thought paper is going to research and evaluate the challenges of creating and implementing crime policy. Furthermore, it will examine the contributing factor of the weak relationship between criminologists and society. The issues will then be followed up with a personal perspective on how these crime policy issues can be resolved. The conclusion will provide an overall personal perspective on the crime policy issues in Canada and will suggest how these solutions could benefit crime policy creation in Canada.
Challenges in creating effective crime policies
Over time, there has been growing gap between criminal policy and criminology (Garland & Sparks, 2000). Despite the criminal knowledge and expertise academic criminologist possess, their advancement or role towards creating crime policy has not been immense (Garland & Sparks, 2000). While various governments…