The Change Management Theories, Techniques, And Leadership Styles

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By studying the change management theories, techniques, and leadership styles to make managing changes successfully, it is necessary to attend to the wider impacts of the change. Considering the tangible impacts of change, it 's important to consider the personal impact on those affected, and their journey towards working and behaving in new ways to support the change. The Change Curve is a useful model that describes the personal and organizational process of change. Change management focuses on people, and is about ensuring change is thoroughly, smoothly, and lastingly implemented.

Using some important ideas to help make the communication and deployment of the plan a success:
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Developing the involvement and project activities of the change promoters.
Planning how and when the changes will be interconnected, and organizing and delivering the communication messages.
Measuring the influence of the changes on people and the organization 's structure.
Scheduling activities required to address the impacts of the change.
Ensuring that people involved and affected by the change understand the process change.
Making sure that those who are involved or affected have help and support during times of uncertainty and upheaval.
Assessing training needs driven by the change, and planning when and how this will be implemented.
Identifying and agreeing the success indicators for change, and ensuring they are regularly measured and reported on.

To make our hospital the first hospital of choice, it should have the greatest plan and convince either interior like employees or for exterior like patients. Several studies have observed that there are relationships between quality of health care, health care system costs and between people’s satisfaction. These relationships show that is the reason to accomplish increasing values for customers over time. Quality and process improvements lead to decreased costs, which in turn results in equipment to increase customer satisfaction.
On the other hand, we should give a specific attention on the health care

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