Essay on The Change in the Nazis Treatment of the Jews

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The Change in the Nazis Treatment of the Jews Why did the Nazis treatment of the Jews change from 1939-45? After the beginning of 1938 the situation deteriorated rapidly. The main reason why the Nazis treatment of the Jews changed was that the Nazi leaders had become much more confident and less concerned about the rest of the world thought about their anti Jewish policies. When war broke out in 1939 it became more difficult to send Jews to other countries. With the take over of other European countries there were now 3.5 million more Jews were under Nazi control and now that War had broken out between Germany and Britain and France it was impossible to…show more content…
Because the Nazi regional leaders disliked the ghetto solution the Nazis had to consider other options with which to solve the Jewish question. The Nazi leaders were not concerned with the appalling conditions f the ghettos, but the Nazi regional leaders in occupied Poland complained bitterly about the number of Jews being forced into constricted areas. At some point during 1941 the advantages of a programme of mass killings of Jews was therefore beginning to be favoured by the Nazis over the mass expulsion from the Jews from Europe. From October 1941 large numbers of Jews were sent from Germany to particular parts of towns (ghettos) In Poland. Living conditions in most of the ghettos were horrible. Malnutrition was widespread and death by starvation was a daily occurrence. Starving the Jews to death was cheaper than shooting them and all available foods and other survival necessities were needed at the front for military personnel. Between 1941 and 1942, 20 percent of the population in the Warsaw and Lodz ghettos starved to death (over 112,000 people). At the same time, Jews during these two years were used extensively as slave labour. At the Wannsee conference in Berlin in 1942, various agencies concerned with the Jewish problem agreed on a “Final Solution” Jews were not to be allowed to emigrate or to live in ghettos on more
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