The Characteristics Of Intellectual Disabilities

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Definition: The term intellectual disability has gone through a series of modification along the years. For instance, at first mental retardation was the terminology intellectual disability was referred to as (Gargiulo & Bouck, 2017, p. 162).Nonetheless, Intellectual disability is defined by Gargiulo and Bouck as “a disability characterized by significant limitations in both in intellectual functioning and in adaptive behavior as expressed in conceptual, social and practical adaptive skills” (Gargiulo & Bouck, 2017, p. 165).In other words intellectual disability is not only primarily focusing on cognitive impairment but also in a child’s behavior.
Characteristics: To start with, intellectual disability is not specific enough to narrow down specific characteristics that members of this group share. Meaning that not every single person placed under intellectual disability will share similar characteristics (Gargiulo & Bouck, 2017, p. 181). Impaired cognitive functioning is the most prevalent characteristic displayed by students affected with this disability (Gargiulo & Bouck, 2017, p. 181). Cognitive functions include: individual’s ability to learn, acquire concepts, process information, and apply knowledge in various setting such as school (Gargiulo & Bouck, 2017, p. 181). Furthermore, attention is another feature students with intellectual disability experience the individual struggles to focus their attention and often become distracted easily (Gargiulo & Bouck,

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