The Characteristics Of Odysseus In The Odyssey By Homer

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The Odyssey written by Homer, is one of the best known epic around the world. It is not just an epic full of action and danger or a story that includes mythical creatures, but The Odyssey reveals the truth about humans and the God we serve as well. It shows that humans are still wicked. We cheat, steal, or lie to get what we want. However, even if we may be sly, we also have good traits such as devotion, caringness, etc. The epic also displays that God is a providing God, but He also gets angry at times because of our actions.
Throughout the epic, we see that Odysseus is an intelligent person. He uses lies and deceitful plans to get what he wants. According to Homer, Odysseus had given Polyphemus, the cyclops wine. “Here’s liquor to wash down your scraps of men./ Taste it, and see the kind of drink we/ carried under our planks… ” (lines 249-251) He made Polyphemus drunk, so drunk that the cyclops fell asleep, giving him an opportunity to use a sharpened heated olive pole to stab his eye. Wonder why he did not just kill Polyphemus with this opportunity? …show more content…

Odysseus yearns to return home to meet his beloved wife. Penelope also waited 20 years for his return. Even if there were suitors and people urging her to marry others for she was a widow, she did not intend to marry anyone and waited for Odysseus. According to page 932, Penelope had even tested the suitors knowing that no one besides Odysseus could string the bow and shoot the arrow through the socket of the ax. On page 933, it says, “Many of the suitors boldly try the bow, but not a man can even bend it enough to string it.” Another example of loyalty was when Odysseus arrived in the land of the Lotus-Eaters. He could have just left the men who ate the lotus plant. However, he forced them back onto the ship. “I drove them, all three wailing, to the ships,/ tied them down under their rowing benches,/ and called the rest”. (lines

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