The Chemical And Physiological Effects Drugs Had On The Human Body

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As an adolescent I was interested in the biochemical and physiological effects drugs had on the human body. It was fascination to me how something as simple as taking Advil could relieve a bad headache or taking Nyquil could ease the symptoms of a cold. I was unaware that I wanted to become a pharmacist and have patient interactions until I started shadowing a pharmacist. The first day I volunteered at my local pharmacy an older gentleman walked in after having had a check-up with his physician. I noticed that he looked dazed and confused as he handed the prescription to the pharmacy technician. He started to explain to us that his doctor changed his medications and did not understand why or what his new medications were. The pharmacists…show more content…
Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy has always stood out to me. The faith-based learning and commitment to Christian principles is the type of learning environment I desire to be in. I personally feel that everyday life responsibilities such as working or going to school gradually take us further away from God. Everyday life tasks and struggles distract us from living the way God intended us to live. We are conditioned by society to worry about how much more money we can earn or how many more material objects we must own. I have been guilty of straying away from God during my early undergrad years. I was always too busy to go to church. My mentality was that Sundays were just another day to study for school.

For the most part I was doing fairly well in my junior year of undergrad studies, but I realized that I was putting work and my education first before God. I thought I was taking the wrong path in life. As I was researching different pharmacy schools, I learned that the Loma Linda University’s library was closed on Saturdays due to Sabbath. This inspired me to do the same. Instead of going to the library and studying all day like I would usually do, I started to go to church to worship and learn more about the word of God. Even though I studied less by resting on Sundays for Sabbath, my grades dramatically changed. That year I received straight A’s for which I have never
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