The Choices Made Effect The Future

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After graduating high school, life actually begins. The choices made effect the future, a big choice to make is whether to go into the military. The military force closest to civilians is the National Guard. National Guardsmen and women get benefits that normal civilians don’t, but the opposite is also true. Differences between time, money, and education should be taken into account when deciding a future in the National Guard. Humans only have so long to live, time wasted is time that cannot be recaptured, time is a currency that without thriftiness can dwindle into nothing. When someone joins the National Guard, he/she signs to work for eight years of their life. Depending on the force joined in the National Guard, the basic training is …show more content…

Civilians can achieve two Bachelor degrees, if money isn’t a problem, in the eight years National Guard members serve. Since civilians do not hold drills on weekends or go to mandatory meetings they can hold a job because their schedule is more manageable (National Guard Members Struggle to Keep Civilian Jobs). Family is less of an issue because civilians are not withheld by a contract to leave the state by the federal government. All of the factors point that civilians are better equipped to save time. Civilians might be better in the department of saving time but money is a different story. During training, National Guard forces are paid as if they are in active duty (What will I get paid). Once the training is over, the money declines for reserve members, but stays relatively constant for active members. The pay is around two hundred to three hundred dollars for reserve members, and one-thousand five hundred dollars to two-thousand dollars for active members per drill, one weekend a month (What will I get paid). The pay of the National Guard might not be exciting, but the military truly shines in the area of education. At a local college, such as Brigham Young University of Idaho, it would cost around twenty-one thousand dollars for schooling (GI Bill Comparison Tool). However, the National Guard can pay for all of it if the member drills and

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