The Christ Foretold By Old Testament Prophecy

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Hebrew 9:27 states, it appointed unto man once to die, but after this the judgement. Each and every man, women and child has an appointment with death due to our sinful nature that separates us from our Creator God. Due to sin, mankind therefore is hopelessly lost and separate from God. But God put into motion a plan to redeem lost humanity back to him. Being eternal, the plan of God does of course have a reasonable sequence; the decision to let Jesus die on the cross follows the first decision to send him to the earth. God so love the world he sent his only begotten son Jesus to show us the way back to him. Jesus made the claim that His death and resurrection fulfilled prophecy and proved Him to be the Christ foretold by Old Testament prophecy. The main purpose of Jesus ' miracles was to confirm that His teaching was from God and His claims are accurate. When a person has a message from God, it is important for an individual to decide whether or not this claim was true. If a man could perform deeds that are impossible by natural law, people would then recognize God was in working through that person and would thus believe in his teachings. In many ways, the resurrection of Jesus is the greatest phenomenon that ever occurred, and is supported by eyewitness testimony. It proves Jesus ' claims and teaching are true. Surely, God would never have raised Jesus if He proved to be a false teacher and not who He claimed. The multitudes who heard the Jesus

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