The City Of Florence First Place For A Movement Essay

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Gathering of people form village, villages become town and it grows to become a city. For centuries, city has acted as the centre for social, political changes since the dawn of history, especially after Renaissance, where the city of Florence first demonstrate the power of individual can be attracted to one location and become an iconic place for a movement. Since then, city has become the birthplace for many movement socially, economically or politically, where against or comfort to oppression, resistance of any kind, or leading revolution that changed the way of life around the world. To investigate the reasons behind this relations, events throughout were being explored. The end of seignorialism forces people to move to city for employment opportunity and therefore provided labour force for mass labour and industrial revolution escalated the pace of urbanization. People forms city, and each individual has their own opinion, therefore city is a place where the idea clashed and the new ideology formed everyday, this is why city is the source of change. Since renaissance, the proportion of population dwelling in urban area has been ever-increasing, therefore in the city information transfers faster, and there is a higher chance for people to rise up in the city than the country side, due to the proximity. Some movements strengthen the role of the city and create a new way of life such as Renaissance and industrial revolution,where it is taken in a non-violent form and

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