The City Of Sierra Vista Medical Center Rehabilitation Department

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In the city of Sierra Vista, AZ a beautiful new hospital stands on the eastern outskirts. A new building is like a new beginning, a fresh start for all. However, with newness comes concerns that change to problems or opportunities. Furthermore, past tendencies and or problems with existing employees, turnover, and lack of quality leadership do not go away with a new building. The need for change in the Canyon Vista Medical Center (CVMC) rehabilitation department is apparent, but unless the change is made in an appropriate manner, the change would be short lived and turn out to hurt the rehabilitation center at the hospital. The need for specific human process and human resource interventions will lead to the necessary changes to help the…show more content…
The amount of conflict between these two groups at CVMC requires intervention. The Human Process Intervention, focuses “on people within organizations and the processes through which they accomplish organizational goals. These processes include communication, problem solving, group decision making and leadership (Cummings & Worley, 2015, p. 157). More specifically the intervention that would be utilized to help with the conflict between the PT’s and PTA’s would be to do individual interventions and team building. An individual intervention such as the Johari window is a great tool that allows individuals to gain feedback about their behaviors (Cummings & Worley, 2015). The understanding and awareness of their behaviors and how they act among their fellow co-workers could awaken them to change. Along with individual interventions, team building would be utilized to help with the conflicts between these two groups. As evident in the past, conflict among these two groups roams, the prevention and quieting of conflict has been unsuccessful. In the words of Coggburn, Battaglio and Bradbury (2014) “conflict is a fact of organizational life- it is inevitable and potentially desirable” (p. 499). Putting the PT’s, a PTA and a tech together as a team would force these three groups to work together. In fact, the conflict among them may allow for linked learning, higher creative and increased group
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