The Civil Service Commission

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Abstract The paper describes the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (1978) with the implications. The guidelines provide a framework for an acceptable selection procedure to the organizations in the hiring processes. The paper discusses these guidelines and highlights the key aspects of these guidelines. The paper also highlights the importance of these guidelines to various organizations that have been using them in their hiring processes. The Civil Service Commission in 1978 introduced the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Section Procedures in order to provide standards that are uniform in nature. These standards restrict the discrimination in employment decisions to address the adverse impact that these discriminatory practices can possess. These guidelines prohibit the employment decisions on the basis of religion, sex, origin and color. These guidelines also specify the requirements that have to be fulfilled on the selection procedures overall in the employment decisions. The uniform guidelines are used as a source or means of technical information and are extensively used in the legal cases related to the employment issues. These guidelines are not part of the law but have been used as a reference in many judicial decisions. Uniform Guidelines have defined the term "discrimination" in cases of employment decisions. The policies that can have an adverse impact on the opportunities related to employment on the basis of race, sex, religion,
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