The Click2return Company: Business Study and Recommendations

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Click2Return (C2R) is a service company. The value that it provides its customers in through the centralized management of the reverse logistics cycle. C2R does not produce or market any goods itself, making it a pure service play. It is recommended that C2R goes to market with a service message, because the provision of that service is what adds value to the customer. There are a large number of potential customers for C2R. The company's model has proven effective for a seller of physical goods already, so this category appears to hold the best potential. In particular, companies that do not have a physical sales infrastructure will see value in C2R's service. Companies that have a third-party physical sales infrastructure are especially good candidates. This is doubly the case for firms that have little interest in vertically integrating the reverse logistics function. The ideal client or partner should be an industry leader, because there is a certain prestige factor to working with the best and that prestige can be used as a selling point. One example can be Dell, which now sells through stores as well as online. This company does not have branded stores, so uses third-party outlets. Moreover, because this is a recent initiative, Dell might not have a sophisticated system for handling returns. Yet it sells over $60 billion per year. Additionally, Dell has a challenge in that a lot of its end consumers are also businesses, making our B2B reverse logistics model even

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